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Independent Online Learner

Developing Independent Online Learners

Online learning is a great place to develop your independent learning skills. Some students are naturally independent learners and some of us need a nudge in the right direction. 7 important characteristics of independent learners are listed below. Developing your independent learning skills will be really improve your online learning experience. Start by checking out the 7 hints below.


#1 Curiosity – learn new things, explore – don’t always follow the same path – try new things.

#2Self-motivation – set goals that matter to you – find your own reasons to learn – learn because you want to

#3Self-examination – recognize your strengths and celebrate them – identify your weaknesses and work to improve them – strive for progress

#4Accountability – know what you need to do – make sure you know and meet expectations, due dates, and more

#5Critical thinking – consider all options – come up with multiple solutions – ask why – observe and analyze

#6Instruct yourself – learn on your own – search for understanding

#7 Persistence – stick with it – work to understand – be disciplined – ask for help